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Presently owned and operated by Black Cat Confections in partnership with Island Nut Roastery

  This business has grown quickly and we are lucky to have the resources to keep up. From hand blending only a few months ago we now have automatic equipment that alows us to produce up to 145 pounds per hour. Please come meet us at one of the shows and see for yourself. We love what we do - and we do it well, your taste buds will answer all the important question



When possible we buy all local products.

  Our basil and other seasonal ingredients are from Dans' Farm in Saanichton and from Bright Greens Canada.

  Our cashews arrive from all over the world, most cashews are grown in Brazil, Taiwan and India.

  We do not use preservatives which gives our product only about a 10-12 day shelf life, frozen is 6 months or more.

All our products are made in a commercial kitchen that does contain flour and other products that could represent a cross contamination risk. Cross contamination may occur during preparation. As we make all our products in small batches the cost of gluten testing is prohibitive.


we are passionate about our products and operate out of probably the cleanest kitchen in the Victoria area.

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